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AcornTreePCS can provide support, assessment and intervention in the following areas..

Speech and Language Assessment

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Therapeutic Sessions

We are a highly qualified, friendly, collaborative and solution focussed multi-professional team that aims to work in collaboration with schools and families (offering assessment, training and intervention work to schools and families).

We are guided by a positive, holistic and solution focused approach to working. This means that we are interested in not only understanding difficulties, but moving forward and enabling the young person to harness their potential.

We aim to deliver a service that is reliable, friendly, responsive to your needs and effective.

We have short waiting times and any reports will be with you quickly.

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01379 672915

AcornTreePCS is an organisation that provides schools and families with services that are of an excellent quality, responsive to need, and one that provides value for money.

We offer schools and families within the East Anglian Region a bespoke service that helps to enable understanding and solutions for children and young people, allowing them to move forward and attain their potential.

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If you decide that we can meet your needs, we will put you in touch with the right professional(s) for you and together you can agree a convenient time for an appointment.

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Autistic Spectrum Disorders

The above is not an exhaustive list, if you have needs other than those outlined above, please call our friendly staff to see if we can help you.

Call: 01379 672915 or email info@acorntreepcs.co.uk

Acorn Tree PCS was formerly known as AmityPCS.  Acorn Tree PCS continues to provide services to schools and families.

AmityPCS continues to have publications and can be contacted at www.amitypcs.co.uk