Our Training Can Include...

Services to Families


The team at AcornTreePCS offers a wide variety of training to both educational settings and to families.  We can arrange this to suit your individual needs.  Trainings could be offered on a scale ranging from a small staff meeting to a full conference.

We are able to provide Mental Health First Aid (Youth) Training. Accredited by MHFAEngland you can become a MHFA First Aider. This course is delivered by child psychologist Dr Amanda Hull bringing extra expertise to this invaluable course.

Below is a list of popular training, but is by no means exhaustive.  Please Contact Us to discuss any training needs that you have, and for more information on who may be the best professional to deliver your twining, and the cost implications of this.

Services to Schools


AcornTreePCS offers a service to families that consists of both health and educational professionals.  We aim to be able to help understand and remove barriers to learning for your young person. 

We can provide you with an individualised consultation, assessment and/or intervention package to suit your needs.  We are trained in a wide variety of areas, and with our diverse team we can meet many needs that include learning, behaviour, emotional, physical, social and speech and language.  Please refer to the About page for more details.

Dr Hull is able to deliver MHFA training to those living and working with young people.

Mental Health First Aid

At AcornTreePCS we can visit you at home to carry out any consultations or assessments, or you can visit us at our office base. 

Please Contact Us at our friendly and responsive team for a no obligation chat about any concerns or needs that you have.  We will give you as much information as you require about our services and the type of support that we would be able to offer you and your family.

AcornTreePCS consists of both health and educational professionals in order to provide your school with a truly multi-professional team. This means that we will be able to target the individual needs of a young person by drawing on a range of professionals under one roof. You will have short waiting times for our professionals, so will have requests for assessment, intervention or support met quickly.

You are able to buy individual days of time as you need them, or you could devise a service level agreement with us to buy packages of time.  It would be completely designed by you.  Our prices vary depending upon the amount of time that you wish to purchase from us.  Please Contact Us for more information about our pricing structure. 

You will receive a customised and bespoke service according to your school needs. In consultation with yourself, we will provide you with an individually tailored package whereby you will have the option of choosing from a range of professionals (e.g. Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists etc.) to devise a package that meets your needs.

Within your package/s you will have consistent professionals in order to build strong working relationships.

Additionally, we are a service that could be commissioned by clusters of schools and we would be more than happy to come and speak to cluster groups or Local Headteacher forums about the possibility of buying time as a whole cluster or group of schools.

We are able to provide Mental Health First Aid (Youth) Training. Accredited by MHFA England become a MHFA First Aider. This course is delivered by child psychologist Dr Amanda Hull bringing extra expertise to this invaluable course. Great value school packages available.

Behaviour Support Strategies

Implementing the Code of Practice

How to Support SEND in the Classroom



Learned Helplessness

Mental Health First Aid

Sensory Needs

The Family Support Process

Working Memory

Precision Monitoring

Social Skills

Emotional Well-being

Motor Skills

....and Many More